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Authors Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry are more than happy to talk to journalism, sport management or creative non-fiction classes about what they learned -- and how they learned it. They've already spoken with students, in person or via Skype, at a long list of universities, including Penn State, Marquette, Indiana University, University of Michigan, Central Michigan, University of Washington, Iowa State and Miami of Ohio.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has chosen Scoreboard, Baby as its Campus Read for fall 2013.

Because of the book's setting (a university) and subject (football and misplaced values), Scoreboard, Baby seems to connect at a visceral level with many students. The authors have found that the book's extensive source notes -- 42 pages in all -- provide students with a roadmap to the possibilities of public records, particularly as applied to the world of higher education.

Any professors interested in having Ken or Nick speak to a class can contact the authors through this website.

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